Disaster Relief / World Wide Remote Worker Housing

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Gulf Land Structures LLC. 

Workforce Lodging and Support / Disaster Relief

Since our inception, GLS has provided disaster relief and work-site accommodations in remote, challenging environments around the globe.

What truly sets us apart is our expertise in developing then executing all-encompassing, project-specific lodging and logistics plans.

This can include:

  • Site selection and landowner negotiations
  • Permitting with all applicable local, State and Federal regulatory agencies, including USACOE / DNR (wetlands), USCG, DEQ
  • Utilities
  • Facilities construction
  • Food service, potable water
  • Convenience store
  • Medical Facilities
  • Specialized security
  • Specialized reporting and accounting software
  • Worker Transportation, including devising a Traffic Plan via the appropriate State and local transportation authorities
  • Park-and-Ride lots
  • Facility staffing and operations 
  • RV-Parks  

GLS’s network of strategic alliances enables us to succeed on any size project in any location.

GLS Waterborne Options

  • Small-scale floatels and offices – Stackable, barge-mounted GLS modules with 100% self-contained utilities or shore-based connection options
    • Living quarters modules allow multiple occupancy but can be configured for single occupancy; 2 rooms per module, each with a shower and toilet
  • Large-scale floatels – House and support 2000+ personnel using a combination of barge-mounted GLS modules, and our 30,000 SF riverboat that’s “ready to configure” as your food service and recreation hub.
  • 30,000 SF of floating floorspace – Our “ready to configure” riverboat is also ideal for Engineering/Management office space (up to 600 personnel), and/or food service. it is USCG Permanently Moored Craft classified, meaning no Coast Guard oversight. contact us for floor plan options.
  • Accommondation Barges – GLS offers two, 288-bed units that can be operated 100% self-contained or tied to shore utilities.


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