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Custom-Built…on location or dockside

For our customers requiring a permanent housing solution on location, Gulf Land Structures LLC’s in-house design and engineering team can either facilitate layout options for you or begin construction directly from a company-provided design. Our technical staff and certified technicians are committed to delivering your custom built fiberglass or regulatory unit within your budget, on schedule, and with quality that exceeds your expectations.

GLS Fiberglass Buildings

Our fiberglass structures are constructed with “state-of-the-art” materials available. Our standard design meets a 150 mph wind rating.

Coast Guard ABS

We build all ABS/USCG, SOLAS, A-60, and IMO modules to exact current standards for all floating platforms, MODU’s and OSV’s.

GLS Blast and Fire Rated Buildings

For use in both onshore and offshore industrial environments, our buildings are engineered to meet and exceed safety and blast specifications, including those of API, NFPA, ASCE, IBC, and local building codes.

GLS Petrochemical / Industrial Structures

Gulf Land Structures LLC is ready to suit your industrial building and equipment needs. We offer a variety of modular fire and blast resistant buildings and remote instrument enclosures.

  • General Office Buildings
  • Compressor Station Buildings
  • Metering and Instrument Stations
  • Vaporation Stations
  • Unloading and Storage Stations
  • Satellite Field Operator Stations
  • Emission Control and Monitoring
  • Laboratories
  • UPS
  • Motor Control Centers
  • Electrical Switch Gears

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