Offshore Accommodations

GulfLand Structures leads the industry in providing safe and comfortable Offshore and Onshore Living Quarters and Modular Buildings.

Our own designers are continually striving to develop comfortable and efficient designs that add value for our clients. We never lose sight of Safety, Quality, and Service while providing amenities above the rest.

Our goal is to maximize available space with intelligent design and new technologies, providing a highly efficient, safe working environment and an advanced level of comfort for the offshore industry.

We offer the following Offshore Accommodations:

  • Stackable Living Quarters
  • Pressurized Blast-Rated Buildings
  • Office or Recreation Rooms
  • Restrooms and Shower Units
  • Galleys and Diners
  • Laundry Facilities
  • Storage Buildings
  • Mud Labs
Moving Quarters from port to ship

Whether you need a custom building design for a specific purpose, or a standard rental, GulfLand Structures has your solution.

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View 3D Tour of Bathroom Facilities
View 3D Tour of 8-Man Living Quarters
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View 3D Tour of Laundry Facility
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View 3D Tour of Mud Lab
View 3D Tour of MCC-1
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View 3D Tour of Pressurized Blast-Rated Buildings
View 3D Tour of Gulfland C&C

GulfLand Structures' living quarters are available in any design to meet specific requirements with materials of Fiberglass, Steel and or Composites. Because of our commitment to safety, our custom design layouts, constructed with high quality fiberglass, exceed the approved U.S. Coast Guard Wind Load Capacity of 115 M.P.H.

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