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You Can Trust GulfLand Structures to Provide You with the Very Best in Offshore Oil Rig Living Quarters

Gulf Land Structures - Offshore Living Quarters

There are thousands of oil platforms in the world's oceans tasked with drilling and supplying oil for our everyday needs. For weeks at a time, these rigs are home to those who work, sleep and play on them. Spending extended periods of time away from home and loved ones can be tough. However, oil companies understand that, to keep their employees' morale up, they must offer stellar offshore oil rig living quarters, and Gulf Land Structures has the means to meet their needs.

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What You Want to Get Right with Offshore Oil Rig Living Quarters?

[Posted by Gulfland Structures on November 14, 2016]

In choosing and outfitting your offshore oil rig living quarters, there are several key factors to keep in mind. These facilities will determine the quality of life of your staff and thereby their productivity. Ensure that they are working at their peak with quality places to sleep, relax, stay active, and dine with the following key tips:

  • Climate Control.  Working on an offshore rig isn't easy and it often involves sweating for 10+ hour work days in extreme environments. Climate control in offshore oil rig living quarters can be the defining line between miserable employees who tire easily to satisfied and comfortable employees ready to take on the next shift.
  • Personal Space.  While you don't need to afford a personal room for every employee, offering some independence can go a long way in improving work/life satisfaction. Ensure everyone has their own lights and some control over their environment.
  • Hygiene Facilities.  Ugly and poorly maintained bathing and other hygienic-oriented facilities reduces morale and can cause greater sickness rates. Ensure these spaces include the highest quality products with a comfortable layout that makes showers and rest a more enjoyable experience.

Quality in Today's Offshore Oil Rig Living Quarters

[Posted by Gulfland Structures on October 14, 2016]

Offshore oil rig living quarters are designed to be mobile and easily integrated into workers' daily lives. This enables rig operators to outfit their location as they see best. Just consider the following quality unit choices:

  • Galley and dining area.  In addition to your standard cafeteria set-up, wherein experienced chefs deliver out a rich array of menu options, today's offshore oil rig living quarters can also include private kitchen areas where workers can prepare their own meals. As well as restaurant-like dining spaces where they can truly enjoy those meals.
  • Recreational facilities.  It's critical for hardworking oil rig employees to have space where they can stretch out, relax, and escape the everyday stresses of the job. Today's offshore oil rig living quarters are varied so that rig operators can have several established spaces for activities. This includes adding a mobile unit outfitted with top-tier fitness and exercise equipment for athletic individuals while having another filled with lounge-style furniture, televisions, and pool tables for fans of more laid-back breaks.

What are offshore oil rig living quarters like?

[Posted by Gulfland Structures on September 14, 2016]

Many oil and gas platforms are located in remote offshore operations in some of the world's deepest waters. While they are built here for the natural resource extractions that make the world run, they also serve as a temporary home for the men and women who keep operations going 24/7, each expected to work 12-hour shifts in the very demanding environment.

To keep those valuable employees happy, modern offshore oil rig living quarters are designed to simulate apartment living with components like its own integrated water treatment system, fitness area, recreation room, and restaurant. Living quarters are built to be blast-resistant, with heavy soundproofing in the sleeping quarters. They also alsoinclude home amenities like television and internet access to prevent employees from feeling too cut off from mainland.

Where before installing offshore quarters would've needed to be at initial construction, today's modern modular design makes installing additional units and refitting/maintaining older units easier than ever.

Reasons it's Important to Be Selective in Choosing Offshore Oil Rig Living Quarters

[Posted by Gulfland Structures on June 14, 2016]

If your company is looking at different manufacturers of offshore oil rig living quarters, it's important to consider all the ways these products will impact your overall productivity and bottom line. Low quality and inadequate offshore oil rig living quarters can cause safety, morale, and efficiency issues that can snowball.

Here's a quick look at why:

  • Safety & Liability.
  • The offshore oil industry has inherent risks due both to the nature of the work and turbulent ocean weather. As a company official, it's your responsibility to ensure all risks are minimized as much as possible. Investing in soundproof offshore oil rig living quarters that are built with integrity can assist in keeping your liability down.

  • Employee Morale.
  • Excessively loud, overcrowded, and cramped living quarters can all have a negative impact on your employee morale. While low morale may be manageable in the short-term, over time this can impact their performance, potentially leading to workplace injuries caused by inattention or over-exhausted workers.

  • Energy Efficiency.
  • Better designed offshore oil rig living quarters provide far greater energy efficiency, which can add up to big savings. Modernized quarters can reduce your offshore operation's water and electricity usage while stillmaintaining comfortable, climate controlled quarters for your employees.

How Offshore Oil Rig Living Quarters Have Changed in the 21st Century

[Posted by Gulfland Structures]

Offshore oil rig living quarters must meet many demanding requirements.

The History of Offshore Oil Rigs The offshore oil rig industry first began in 1887, but it did not begin to operate as it does today until 1947 when Kerr-McGee first built platforms far enough into the ocean that land could not be seen. As the industry continued to grow over the next couple of decades, it became necessary for employees to begin living on or near the oil rig for extended periods of time. If someone was going to work 12 hours shifts for seven days in a row, it did not make any sense for them to be transported back and forth to the mainland on a daily basis. By 1962, the industry's first dynamically positioned ship was put in place by the Shell Oil Company, and it was a leader of shallow water operations for several decades. In 1996, Royal Dutch Shell installed two deep water oil rigs, and one of them can even be seen from space due to its enormous size. Since that time, offshore oil rigs have continued to expand, together with comfortable offshore oil rig living quarters, and they are a major contributor to the worldwide petroleum industry.

Updated by on November 3, 2015

Living on oil rigs doesn't mean rough and dirty rooms on loud and bobbing oil rigs. In fact, with today's technologies and state-of-the-art manufacturing processes, offshore oil rig living quarters are more comfortable than ever. After all, oil rig companies have long learned that crews that are kept comfortable are crews that work more efficiently.

Comfort in private and public

Many offshore companies operate on an employee schedule of two or three weeks on and the same off. This means that many workers live on the rigs just as often as they live in their onshore homes, making the designing and furnishing of comfortable offshore living quarters all the more important. Many rigs have bedrooms with Internet-connections and televisions and are designed to be sound-proof enabling workers to escape the loud work environment and sleep in peace. Shared common quarters include state-of-the-art dining halls and recreation rooms outfitted with items like pool tables and tabletop tennis.

Living spaces designed with safety and efficiency in mind

Safety is boon for everyone. With today's offshore oil rig living quarters, every space is designed with safety and worker efficiency as the framework. This includes making living accommodations eco-friendly and hygienic with the incorporation of amenities like modern plumbing services, air conditioning, and mold abatement. 

Gulf Land Structures is dedicated to providing efficient solutions that are designed with the worker in mind. How these living quarters look might change from company to company, as every organization has its own specific needs, but in the end the end-result is the same: happier, more comfortable employees in premier living quarters equals greater productivity and higher profits.

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