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GulfLand Structures Are the Preferred Offshore Living Quarters Manufacturers for Many Offshore Companies

Gulf Land Structures - Offshore Living Quarters

Oil platform operators are tasked with staffing a crew to provide a plethora of services on a rig. These individuals provide long arduous hours of service to maintain a working environment that is safe and efficient. Operators understand that their employees require restful sleep and a place to unwind to continue to be effective, and this is why they need offshore living quarters manufacturers.

New manufacturer features available in offshore living quarters

Published by Gulf Land Structures on May 14, 2016

As an operator of an offshore operation, there are a ton of things for you to consider, from basic transportation logistics to big equipment decisions. But one thing that shouldn't be overlooked is the quality of your offshore living quarters manufacturers. Here are a couple reasons why it's so important to choose a company carefully:

  • Offshore maintenance gets expensive:
    This is arguably the most critical reason to pay attention to the quality of offshore living quarters manufacturers. When anything goes wrong at sea, repairs and replacements are exponentially more expensive. Get quality equipment from the start so you don't have to worry about complex maintenance concerns in the future.

  • Unsuitable living quarters contribute to high turnover:
    Keeping skilled workers happy has long been an issue in the offshore industry because it doesn't allow workers to go home and relax after their shift. Instead, they're surrounded by work 24/7; a recipe for fast burnout. However, providing quality living quarters that ensure time 'off the clock' really feels like time off will keep workers happy and satisfied.

  • Poorly built equipment of any type wastes time and money, especially when it sees daily use. You want facilities that are built to withstand harsh ocean elements and are capable of meeting the daily needs and activities of your workers.

Published by Gulf Land Structures on September 09, 2015

There are many factors to consider when building offshore facilities, including cost, comfort, convenience, safety and reliability. The latest features available from offshore living quarters manufacturers include stackable living quarters. They allow you to take up as little space as possible without significantly reducing the amount of room your staff will have to live in.

Safety is essential too, which is why you can count on modern pressurized blast-rated buildings that will withstand virtually anything. The restrooms and shower units are upgraded to assure the comfort and convenience of all workers.

Galleys and diners offer space and updated features that allow workers to prepare meals and eat in comfort. Laundry facilities feature modern fixtures for the ease and convenience of workers. Mud labs and storage rooms complete the updated options available in these ultra-modern offshore facilities.