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The Offshore Accommodation that Offers Comfort is Available from Gulf Land Structures

Offshore living quarters are a necessity for oil platforms. After a long shift, crews need to relax in a safe and comfortable environment; that is the time for an offshore accommodation. As a preferred manufacturer of steel and fiberglass buildings, Gulf Land Structures has the ability to provide an array options. Our clients understand that an offshore accommodation from us is second to none because we truly listen to our client's needs.

Since 2007, Gulf Land Structures has continued to think outside the box for offshore accommodation design and comfort. We are the ideal partner for your oil platform needs because we are big enough to take on large, detailed projects, but small enough to offer the personalized support that your business requires. It is our goal to offer unmatched customer service; therefore, we ensure that our response time to inquires and bids is completed in a timely manner.

Our pending ISO 9001 certification means that we make quality ,management and customer service a number one priority. When contacted to bid on offshore accommodation projects, we review the plans provided by the client. In an effort to offer unmatched support, we discuss the needs of the project, and a bid is typically completed within a few days to help make your decision easier.

We maintain a certified staff that ensures each project is completed on time, safely and efficiently. At Gulf Land Structures, we offer services ranging from refurbishments and rentals, to mold abatement and safety coatings. Our goal is to provide our clients with the assistance they require. When you find your platform in need of an offshore accommodation, make a call or send an email to Gulf Land Structures. Our team of professional and friendly employees is ready to help with all of your offshore oil rig living quarters needs.

For more information on our offshore accommodation options, give Gulf Land Structures a call at (866) 457-4853 (GULF). Receive a quality product with unparalleled service for your living quarters offshore.

Published by on July 14, 2016

X Reasons You Should Care About Providing Employees with Quality Offshore Accommodations

As the manager of an offshore facilityyou have a lot of things to consider, from ensuring drilling is proceedingaccording to plan to overseeingthe safe loading of docked vessels. However, amidst all of these concerns there's one more you should consider: your employees' need for quality offshore accommodations. Here's why:

  • Morale.

    Employees living in an inadequate environment will quickly become disgruntled and frustrated. Such frustrations can rapidly impact their performance on the job, causing big problems with safety and productivity. In contrast, having quality offshore accommodations that offer employees comfortable spaces to rest, eat, and entertain will improve morale and keep it improved.

  • Recruitment.

    The oil industry is extremely competitive. Especially when it comes to recruitingskilled industry workers, such as underwater welders and medics. Having quality offshore accommodations is a great way to push recruitment in your favor as many employees will look at more than just the paycheck when determining which offshore working environment is right for them.

  • Retention.

    You don't want to just hire skilled workers, you want to keep them. Good retention rates mean less time spent on hiring and training protocols and more time spent on getting the work you need done. Great living quarters means a lot to your employees and will significantly decrease your burnout rate.

Published by on April 15, 2016

What type of comforts are available in offshore accomodations?

The oil and natural gas industries are evolving exponentially as they find more effective ways to drill, extract, and transfer precious minerals from the earth's crust to the cities and energy sectors. And such growth isn't limited to the processes themselves. Modern offshore accommodations have likewise evolved from bare bone barracks to something more akin to floating hotels. The following are just a few of the comforts that're available in offshore accommodations today:

  • Full kitchen set-ups.

    Great food is a key component of great productivity. Today's oil rigs are equipped with full dining room set-ups that look more like a restaurant than a cafeteria. Caterers are often hired to ensure that workers enjoy the hearty meals necessary to keep them going on long shifts. Additionally, today's offshore accommodations include spaces that allow employees to create their own meals, should they want, according to their schedule and palate.

  • Private bedrooms.

    Modular offshore accommodations allow for not only the easy addition of private bedrooms on a given rig, but these bedrooms can be equipped with special sound dampening materials to help workers escape the cacophony of the oil rig when they need some quality sleep.

  • Plenty of common spaces.

    From modular rooms designed for card and board games to full fitness centers sporting the latest equipment, offshore accommodations are equipped to handle all of the modern comfort needs required by today's employees.

Published by on January 14, 2016

What are some of the creature comforts available for the enjoyment by workers on offshore oil rigs? Modern designs have come a long way, providing these hard workers a way away from home.

1.  Spas have been included by some of the more modern oil rig companies, for the oil workers to relax and soothe muscles on their time off.

2.  Movie theater facilities are becoming more common on offshore rigs for the workers' enjoyment and relaxation.

3.  Recorded videos of musical concerts are also played for the off-duty workers.  

4. Gymnasium and exercise equipment are now very common relaxation equipment for oil rig workers working offshore, due to muscle issues and strains this work entails.

5.  Televisions with game-play are accepted not as luxuries by the offshore oil rig workers, but as standard fare.

The innovation of  providing the entertainment, exercise and mental stimulation--not to mention a good night's sleep--for offshore workers is a definite improvement in personnel relations. It  improves the workers' performance on the job, as efficiency experts have advised oil companies workers will work harder and more safely if they have beneficial breaks and appliances or equipment to help them sleep and relax or unwind when off duty.

Published by on January 9, 2016

Having comfortable offshore living quarters can mean the difference between happy, well-rested employees who look forward to another exciting day on the rig, and frustrated, distracted workers that are a recipe for disaster in the trying conditions of offshore work. That's why at Gulf Land Structures we work hard to improve the lifestyle options for the hardworking oil and gas employees. Here are a few of the comforts available in modern offshore accommodations:

  • Homelike sleeping quarters :  Forget the yesteryear dormitory-style bedrooms that stuffed half a dozen or more people into a basic room. Today's offshore accommodations feature spacious bedrooms that are outfitted to sleep only one or two to a room with soundproof walls and modern furnishings.

  • Functional exercise rooms : Despite it being a hard-working environment, it can be tough to stay in full physical fitness on the limited space of an offshore rig. At least that's the general case unless your offshore rig is equipped with a modern gym. Such modern offshore accommodations include cardiovascular exercise machines as well as a variety of free weights to improve both the health and morale of onsite employees.

  • Exciting rec room possibilities : Happy and entertained individuals lead to productive and hardworking workers. That's why there's been a huge push in providing exciting rec room amenities in offshore facilities. This includes outfitting rooms with modern movie theater capabilities, video-game consoles, spas, and much more.

  • Upgraded cooking and dining facilities : Expect more than baked beans and frankfurters. Today's offshore accommodations include fully-stocked kitchens with spacious dining areas that add up to delicious, home-like meals in a comfortable setting.