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Living Quarters Offshore from Gulf Land Structures are the Standard of Excellence

Oil platform companies understand the importance of providing quality living quarters offshore. Whether it is sleeping quarters, galley, tool rooms, offices or other spaces, Gulf Land Structures can produce the offshore accommodations to meet your specifications. Our standard of excellence yields great customer satisfaction because we ensure that clients are a part of the process every step of the way.

Published on August 15, 2016

3 Key Reasons Why It's Important to Take Care in Choosing a Living Quarters Offshore Manufacturer

As the owner or manager of an offshore facility, there are a ton of things for you to consider. But one thing that shouldn't be forgotten is the quality of the living quarters offshore you choose for your employees. Uncertain? Just consider the following reasons for why it's important to choose carefully:

  • Maintenance gets expensive.Never forget the adage¬†Spend more, Buy less.¬†Maintenance takes a whole new degree of complexity when it comes to offshore operations; particularly when trying to repair things when issues go awry. Working with a quality manufacturer means that you'll install great projects designed to withstand the harsh offshore environment.

  • Poor facilities lead to poor hygiene. Good, quality offshore living quarters can have an amazing impact on your workers' hygiene and productivity. Poor facilities, like bedrooms that are overcrowded or lack soundproofing, lead to employees getting short on sleep, compromising their immune system and leading to facility-wide hygiene issues.

  • Good quarters is great for recruitment. Money isn't the only thing job seekers consider when looking at offshore employment. Offering great amenities allow you to attract (and retain) the most qualified of individuals. Lower turnover is a great money-saver.¬†