9 Reasons to be Picky When Choosing Offshore Living Quarters Manufacturers

Published By: Gulfland Structures on November 15th, 2015

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When you’re looking into offshore living quarters manufacturers, you need to carefully consider the impact the quality the manufacturer’s products will have on your bottom line. While it’s unreasonable to turn offshore living quarters into the equivalent of a 5-star hotel, low quality will hurt your bottom line—safety issues, morale issues, efficiency issues, these all add up over time.

It’s important that you look closely at manufacturers, and find one which can handily meet the standards of comfort, safety, and efficiency your business needs to thrive.

Here are 9 reasons to be picky and choose quality when selecting an offshore living quarters manufacturer:

#1  Maintenance and upkeep.

Let’s start with the most obvious trap of going cheap or apathetic in your selection of a living quarters manufacturer: long-term costs. As with anything else your company spends money on, cutting corners in selecting living quarters gets you what you pay for—cheap. And unlike many places where cheap can scrape by, living quarters are going to be well-used and well-abused by your employees, quickly unveiling weaknesses and flaws in the worst way possible.

Expect to need more maintenance, more repairs, more replacements, and more general upkeep costs over the life of low-quality quarters—a life which will be shorter than a superior manufacturer’s offerings.

#2  Energy efficiency.

A better-constructed set of living quarters will provide far superior energy efficiency, which adds up to major savings for your company over the life of the structure. The difference in climate control, water usage, and other expenditures of power can vary greatly with even minor changes. The most modernized living quarter structures, such as you can expect to see from top quality manufacturers, will feature these cost-saving improvements and allow you to maintain comfortable quarters without wasting money.

#3  Employee health.

When employees can’t rest well after a hard day of work, they get short on sleep. When they get short on sleep, their immune systems become compromised, and sickness runs rampant through your workers, costing your company countless man-hours and, depending on the benefits you offer, costing you increased insurance premiums and other expenses. Poor hygiene due to unpleasant or uncomfortable facilities only compound these problems. Improved quarters sidestep all of these problems.

#4  Design efficiency.

Poor design can cost real money over time, due to the time wasted dealing with such inefficiencies. If keeping your quarters supplied, clean, and maintained becomes difficult due to poor design, it creates expense points and points of frustration for your workers to deal with—ultimately costing you even more money as morale plummets.

#5  Employee morale.

Perhaps the most insidious problem to arise from poor quality living quarters, low employee morale manifests itself in any number of ways, all of them likely to hit your company in its bottom line. Chief among these problems is, of course, poor performance; no incentive can truly make up for substandard living quarters—even if you pay your employees well, manage them well, provide them with all the tools and supplies they need to do their jobs superbly, they’ll ultimately under-perform if they’re still suffering for their work off the clock.

#6  Employee turnover.

When other problems such as health, frustration with design issues, and general morale fall, employee turnover skyrockets. This can become a major source of financial loss for any company, especially when you consider that high-value, high-competence employees will be the first to leave your company; essentially, they’ll take the skills you value them for and utilize them to find employment where they can enjoy superior living quarters. This alone makes careful consideration of your living quarters manufacturer worthwhile.

#7  Image.

Facilities can serve as a form of marketing—and inferior living quarters can become a black mark against your company. Public attention to worker conditions is on the rise, and any business that doesn’t take such perceptions into account is likely to find itself on the wrong side of that attention. By installing superior living quarters in your offshore facilities, you improve your image with the public, potential and current investors, and prospective employees.

#8  As an incentive.

We’ve talked about image and turnover—now consider what this means for your own hiring opportunities. When you invest in better living quarters, you gain a powerful bargaining tool in recruiting superior workers for your company. In many cases, you might find that you can get better employees with less pay, if you invest in better living quarters.

#9  Injuries.

In the worst case scenario, poor living quarters can cause more than illness—they can result in injuries due to low-morale inattention, poor construction resulting in accidents, tired employee errors, etc. Nothing eats into employee morale, public image, and profits quite so quickly as an above-average injury rate at your facility. Not to mention…

#10  Liability.

When something goes wrong at an isolated location under your company’s control, it’s your fault, even when it’s not. That means investing in the soundest possible quarters for your employees and taking every effort to create an environment conducive to safe, effective, accident-free living and working. It’s simply not worth the risk. So work with a manufacturer you know you can trust, and keep your liability within manageable ranges.

These aren’t the only reasons to choose wisely when selecting a manufacturer for your employees’ living quarters, but they’re more than enough to make the case: good quarters are a good investment. Bad quarters cost more in the long term than they save, every time, in maintenance, efficiency, and morale. Make a choice you and your employees can live with happily down the line.

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